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[MY LIFE] Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg
60 Vegetable Capsules / 120 Vegetable Capsules / 240 Vegetable Capsules
Alpha Lipoic Acid is an organic compound in all human cells. It is made inside the mitochondria of the cells where Alpha Lipoic Acid helps enzymes turn nutrients into energy. It is both fat- and water-soluble, which allows its antioxidants to work in every cell or tissue in the body. Alpha Lipoic Acid is well known to help weight loss by suppressing the activity of the enzyme AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).  Restraining AMPK activity may decrease feeling of hunger and increase the number of calories that human body burns at rest. In addition, Alpha Lipoic Acid helps lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, benefiting those with diabetes. Moreover, it may reduce the risk of diabetes complications by, for example, easing symptoms of nerve damage and lowering the risk of diabetic retinopathy. Alpha Lipoic Acid helps fight signs of skin aging by incorporating itself into the skin’s inner layers and offering antioxidant protection against the sun’s UV radiation. Its powerful antioxidant properties help slow the progression of memory loss such as Alzheimer’s disease.
Suggested Use
For adults, take two (2) capsules daily, preferably with a meal.
Supplement Facts
Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before usimg any product. Consult your doctor before use if you have, or have had, ANY HEALTH CONDITION or if you are taking ANY MEDICATIONS OR REMEDIES including OTC medications, or are planning any medical procedure. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur, such as gastrointestinal discomfort. NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.
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